UK Energy Prices Will Only Go Up

The big six energy suppliers have told the regulator Ofgem that there is little chance of any further cuts in their tariffs this coming year, responding to calls from Ofgem for them to pass on more of the recent falls in wholesale energy costs.

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

As many as 5,000 businesses are expected to be forced to participate in the mandatory legislation, which will require companies to audit their carbon emissions and pay for carbon allowances to cover those emissions.

Energy Efficiency Accelerator

A new scheme called the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator, has been designed to spark a ‘low carbon industrial revolution’ Carbon Trust is now investing an extra £15 million in funding to help manufacturers become more energy efficient.

Farmers Carbon Trust Loans

Five months after the initial announcement by the government, the Carbon Trust is now officially extending its interest-free business loan scheme to UK farms in an effort to promote energy efficiency within the agricultural sector.

Lighting Energy Facts

Lighting in buildings accounts for around a sixth of total UK electricity use. 73% is used in industrial and commercial application, with the balance in domestic applications.

Rising Energy Costs

Rising energy prices and higher taxes are the biggest worries facing British businesses in 2010 after the state of the economy, according to new research released today by the Carbon Trust.